Reducing the Gap between Glossy Travel Brochures and the Holiday Travel Experience

Have you ever experience the sheer disappointment of getting to your long awaited holiday destination, and discovered there are few similarities between the Glossy Travel Brochure and where you are standing now. Well after using this site I found, I discovered a practical aspect to having someone visit prospective holiday destinations to choose from, so one does not experience this very disappointing event again. A Perfect Holiday knowing all the dos and don’ts with only pleasant surprises.

To test this theory I looked back at a recent trip to Europe and the brochures and information that I based my decision to have my holiday at that location. The first thought on where to holiday, came from programs like cnn news and fox news travel articles that focused on clean sterile images of the 5 star hotels, the usual landmarks and tourist attractions. The glossy brochure had been tossed out in the trash, so I went back to the same travel agent and collected the current version and there was little difference between them except for the images. I think most of the words were the same, and I found this surprising because you would think over the year they would change the words to better suit the images. Putting this all together I had a summary of the basics of my decision to travel to that destination.

Next I registered with ( [] ) and for $10 organized a “TravelApple”, cute term for a student you send to check out the destination. I was very interested in London and the inner city, people, parks, the food they eat, my wife is very interested in the parks from a picture book in the cities, the weather and clothes to wear, practical accommodation (not the normal sterile hotel, a place to meet young people). These are the preferences nominated in my profile to my TravelApple. I could send the traveling student to do and see the things I wanted, and asked for suggestions of similar experiences.

So we managed to see the wild daffodils growing like weeds all over the park lawns of London from our messy little home study. It’s a bit damp and cold, though it is winter. But in the country side the houses are cozy and the cottages are covered in vines. Trees are beautiful even without their leaves and moss consumes them. The hills of paddocks can be seen beyond the roofs of the houses and they are perfectly divided with rows of trees.
We then ventured out of the main street of the small town on a small dirt road leading into the hills.

There were no other people and it didn’t look like anyone ever used it, despite the odd
footprint embedded in the mud. We couldn’t stop walking. We just had to see what was beyond the bend in the road and the next and the next. I then reached a driveway which I wasn’t quite sure of its use, as it lead onto a steep uneven bushwalking track. Digging into the mud as I climbed I had come to the most amazing views of the town and the hills. Spread before me lie the beautiful lush patches amongst the buildings like a cross stitch quilt draped over lounge furniture.

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