Travel – How it Can Increase Your Marketing Awareness

On your last pleasure trip, did you notice how annoying some marketing strategies can be? Just as you reach your destination, you kick back with your favourite beverage and a great read. Suddenly, as you open the magazine, all kinds of inserts slide out, asking you to submit everything from your email address to a sample of your DNA. DNA, not quite, but what do you have to do to escape the needs of others; after all, that’s why you are on your vacation, isn’t it?

These tactics used to annoy me until I began to research and study more about business marketing. Now I hold a new perspective on innovative marketing strategies, especially ones that get my attention. Once you have the attention, or made an impression on a consumer it sticks. One definition of the word “impression” according to is simply “an image in the mind caused by something external to it”.

If the experience had a minimum impact, then the impression left on the consumer will be slight. The impact of the impression is related directly to the power of the external message and it’s delivery. Very positive or very negative messages make the deepest impressions. The average ones fade away. No one wants to be average. A stand out campaign is one that will make an impression. Translate this impression into action and you have a sale.

Whether you see too many inserts in a magazine as being annoying, or the interruption of your favourite program due to advertising as a positive is objective. I suppose that any marketing strategy that makes a solid impression is a success, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad one. This hearkens back to the fact that good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster. Like viral video campaigns can.

Take a sip of your tropical drink and digest the world around you. Even though you are far away from home, the impact and impression of marketing is around you. That’s what got you here, right? Word of mouth, online testimonials or a TV promo. Your decision to be right where you are, right now could be the result of a marketing campaign.

Open yourself to the ideas of others and see their efforts. There are a multitude of new and innovative ways to advertise your business by using new media tools. These tools are available to everyone and anyone who has a computer. With a little effort, a bit of planning and scheduling, you can increase traffic to your site. Remember planning your vacation and the excursions you purchased? Consider what type of advertising each one of these service providers used. Web sites, Twitter and online coupons combined with ads and articles in international newspapers and magazines can work wonders for travel. Maybe they can do something for you.

I have often equated traditional media with new media. As we consider using new methods of advertising, we have to respect that traditional methods such as TV, radio and newspaper are still vehicles with mass appeal. Exponentially, new media tools like social media sites, blogs and email campaigns reach a broader and wider demographic on a global scale; more affordably and more efficiently than their traditional counterparts. I truly believe that they work very well together and can grow a business no matter what the product or service.

The next trip you take, be aware of the advertising. you can run and you can hide, but it’ll find you. It’s just about everywhere. Take what may work for you and implement it into your current plan. The impact and impression it makes on you can be the catalyst for a new marketing strategy.

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